Graphic Report

Graphic Report was born in 1985 after decade of experience by the shareholders in agencies and laboratories graphics and works in the field of visual communication and graphic applications. The Graphic Report provides a complete service guaranteed by specialized divisions for each production process. Advertising signs and digital prints, posters and banners for road and stadium. Illuminated box, letters shaped box, neon shaped, with reflected light and filtering light. Car wrapping and decorations on special vehicles, on ships, on commercial buildings and on awnings. Graphics layout for exhibitions, museums, conferences, trade shows, events. Screen printing on adhesive films, cards, magnetic plates, wood metal, plastics in general. Engravings and patterns on wood, aluminum, brass, acrylic.
Work in this area, always in rapid development, means being able to grow and change with the times. For this reason, Graphic Report is always informed about technological innovations and is always open to renewal, research; it propose new solutions for products and services to offer to its customers, creativity and originality with the highest quality.


Graphic Report and TATTOOWALL

In 1999, the company has reached an important milestone: the registration of a worldwide patent for the technique TATTOOWALL Digital Murals, which allows you to decorate exterior and interior wall surfaces, smooth or rough, of any size, by transferring digital ink-based solvent from the paper to the wall, with a fresco effect. Since 2009, after careful research the company began to market a transfer paper that does not need to be wet, thus simplifying the application process.
The fields in which TATTOOWALL application are really a lot are museums, exhibitions, commercial shops, public and private homes, hotels, sacred rooms.



The transfer paper TATTOOWALL got two awards in 2000 for 'Best Product of the Year', issued by magazines VENETO INNOVATION and BUILDING
In 2010 he obtained official recognition by the State of Vatican City
VISCOM Awards 2011 - 1st Prize The Frame Silver Category New Applications: Screen 3D to Innovation.

Build award
For the most interesting proposal of the year
Regional Award for Innovation
First place in the category "Innovative industrial Products"
Award Coin
For Tattoowall decoration at San Paul Basilica Outside the Walls in Rome
Competition "Silver Frame"
First place in the category "New Application"
Award PlateĀ 
Opening Event Tattoowall office in Seville Spain


Always the Graphic Report is committed to ensuring the highest level of quality service to its customers, a goal that reaches through the training organizing TATTOOWALL courses with qualified technical staff and taking place at corporate headquarters and in various cities of Italy and lay the foundations for proper printing and application of decorations releasing participants a certificate of professional printer or applicator TATTOOWALL.


Assistance on site

Even after attending training courses is possible that some TATTOOWALL applications require our support. In order to accomplish without difficulty the most demanding installations, Graphic Report provides the assistance of our engineers directly on site.